The Bogeyman: A Prologue

This has been in draft for nearly six months now.  Everytime I try to sit and write about this, I just end up staring at my screen. See, I come from a country where this issue is quite a bit of a taboo. And while I love my family, they do have a dismissive attitude toward... Continue Reading →

  One life to the next. I never was a believer of just having one life. One existence, maybe. But within that single existence we live several lifetimes; son, daughter, father, mother, lover, friend, student - these aren't merely roles, these are lives.

The Nile is just a river in Egypt, you think. But... Your gut has not failed you before. So how come you're not following it now? Is it because you think that no, it's not really like that? You know what that monstrous thing is about. You've seen movies, read books, and heard stories about it. You've... Continue Reading →

Two things: First, Kubler-Ross is universal. It has been used so much in books and movies to describe the emotional stages of people as they go through things like death or break-ups. The Kubler-Ross model is like the Starbucks of emotions - everywhere you turn, it's there. I figured it might be a good place... Continue Reading →

It's different for everyone. While it is mostly known to be about ragged breaths and violent flashbacks, it's not always the case. It is not always shaking or sweating or nausea. It's not always about the pounding heart and the roaring in the ears. It's not always that desire to self-destruct. It's not always loud. Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

This post has been in draft for nearly a year. Ten months, to be exact. I wasn't sure if I wanted this out there. Publishing this now because, fuck it. Why the hell not.   I detest vulnerability. I don't know when it started but as far as I can remember, I considered a show... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons in Your Neighborhood Starbucks

Conversations. I always have conversations with strangers. Mainly in airports because, for some reason, my flights always gets delayed by more than 3 hours whenever I fly alone. I'm not sure why people talk to me. And here I was thinking that I'm successfully giving off the "fuck off" vibe.

Project Go 2016

To satisfy the need to escape and to avoid recurrence of emotional, uhm, episodes, I have decided to go somewhere or do something (an activity of some sort I wouldn't often do) every month of this year.

I either usually post a rundown of the year or a list of things I'm grateful for. This year, allow me to do something a bit different. I've been reading (and watching) a lot and I come across so many quotes that validate some of the things I believe in.

Another Random Airport Conversation

I was sitting on the floor charging my phone when this tall guy sat beside me to charge his phone too. He struck up a conversation and asked about the Philippines in general and Iloilo in particular. He was a Kiwi, maybe around 30-35 years old, and works for a graphic design company.

The first quarter of this year has both been easy and slow for me. A beach trip, dinners with family and friends, a wedding in the family, joining a monthly writing challenge, and a "grand decluttering and downsizing" occupied my time. And also the subsequent "what am I doing with my life" funk that followed... Continue Reading →

Now, the thing I found out in the 50 days I've been doing the challenge (apart from the fact that food plays a very large part in ensuring my happiness)

No Success for the Restless

  One day at a time. That's my mantra these days. Sometimes, I mean that quite literally. When I was a kid, every time I'm asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, my answers would always vary (which should've been an indication of my current state). Here are some of my answers: Doctor... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter

Since it's February, let's keep up with the theme, shall we? I write a lot. And one of the things I like writing are letters. This month, I wrote a love letter that I decided to post here instead of sending by individual snail mail because I think it applies to every one, and not... Continue Reading →

On Being Classy

Disclaimer: Yes, I am judgmental. If previous posts hadn't established that already, then I think this one will. And no, I don't care if you think I'm mean. As I was sitting at a cafe a couple of weeks ago, I observed two tables of girls of around the same age wearing almost the same... Continue Reading →

2014 Goals

I gave in and decided to write resolutions for 2014. But let's not call them resolutions, let's call them goals. The year 2013 has been a year of, oh, just so many things and I am so grateful for the good, the bad, and the ridiculous that made my year interesting. The year that was... Continue Reading →

December 2013

An Iloilo-Guimaras (mis)adventure, an annual overnighter with friends, an anniversary, a weekend staycation, a wedding, traditional Christmas dinners, a birthday. All that and more this December. These are just some of the photos of an amazing month.

Of death and regrets

I am a melancholic person. No, that's not a suicidal cry for help or something. It is merely a fact. I have periodic bouts of sadness; during my birthday, during Christmastime, watching Kingdom of Heaven (don't ask why) and I know how to deal with it. For someone as blessed as I am, I figured... Continue Reading →

27 Lessons

I decided to do away with my usual birthday gratitude post this year. It's not because I don't have anything to be grateful for. On the contrary, I am grateful for every single day of this year, even the most difficult ones. It's just that I want to share 27 nuggets of wisdom. These were... Continue Reading →

Brasas + Borough

Last week, I went out for dinner with my good friend/designer/dressmaker/fellow foodie/book hoarder. Let's call it a pre-Valentine date. We wanted to try something new so I was tasked with the job of looking for a new place. On a budget. We decided to meet at Podium and I got there early to scout around.... Continue Reading →

The Lovers

I just can't help but post this. Nice to know that the DOT is so in tune with all the best things about the Philippines and the Filipinos. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines.  

My 2012 in Review

I know this is pretty late but, what the hell, I was busy. A lot of people have already made a review of their year; some based it on achievements, some on places visited, some on number of items crossed off their bucket lists. To each his own. The year 2012 was the year I... Continue Reading →

December 2012

December 2012 was an epic month for me. Well, not just for me but probably for my whole family. Not only did it mark the end of my "bwelo" year but it was also so damn busy I was doing a million things at a time. I can't even remember half of what I did... Continue Reading →

Travel to the Philippines in 2013

"For travellers willing to go the extra thousand miles for a deserted beach, thePhilippines has around 7,000 of the most heavenly islands in the world. It's still not the most obvious beach-holiday destination, but it soon will be." So begins the short but sweet article of Conde Nast Travellers, naming the Philippines one of the top... Continue Reading →

2013 Resolutions

Another year has started so I decided to list down the things that I will stop doing. Call it a reverse resolution if you may. The idea being that I have been doing things that may have had held me back from actually doing the things that I should be doing, or kept me from... Continue Reading →

2012 Gratitude Post

The beginning of the year would not be complete without my traditional annual post about the things and people I'm grateful for in the previous year. The year 2012 went by so fast; so many things happened, so many things gained and lost, that it's sometimes hard to catch my breath. But the fact that... Continue Reading →

On Timelines and Life Plans

Lately, discussions with friends and family always seem to be about marriage, getting married, weddings, or having kids. It's almost ridiculous how often these topics come up in conversation. I don't mind. I actually like these discussions because it's great knowing how my friends think about these kinds of things and how mature we all... Continue Reading →

Visiting Home

I graduated from the University of the Philippines five years ago. Back when I was in college, I spent approximately 15 hours  a day, 5-6 days a week for four years in and around the campus. It's no wonder, really, that it will always feel like home. "Coming home" to U.P. has always filled me... Continue Reading →

Trading Up: Trade School Manila

I have had the privilege of being both a student and teacher in the recently wrapped up first season of Trade School Manila. Trade School is a learning community that utilizes a barter system; students barter goods in exchange for whatever it is that their teacher would teach them. It originated in New York and... Continue Reading →

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