I am a writer.

It took me a long time to get into the habit of introducing myself as a writer. It fits, actually, because it also took me a long time (25 years to be exact) to realize that the thing I do for fun is the thing I want most to do in life.

So, yes. I am a writer.

I write content for e27, where my desire for learning new things and my need to observe and pick on the brains of smart people are met.

As a freelancer, I write articles and content for different websites and had ghostwritten five different self-help books. In my free time, I create posts for this blog, write short stories for The Short Stories Club, and chase after my dream of finishing my novel.

I am a reader. An opinionated pottymouth. A beach rat. A music junkie. An action movies fangirl. A budding graphics designer (just kidding. I know my way around the basics of Photoshop but that’s it). A frustrated woods craftsman.

I am a proud Potterhead. I still think Harry shouldn’t have ended up with Ginny, though. Harry needed someone to protect and take care of and Ginny is much too strong to be that girl. Also, I get passionate about the alternate universe where Draco and Ginny end up together.

I have an eternal love affair with lipstick and a never-ending battle with my hair.

I studied Economics for four years (earned a degree, too) but only chose to remember cost-benefit analysis and Pareto Principle.

I remain steadfast in my beliefs, which include the existence of true love, the holistic benefits of Yoga, the healing powers of chocolate, the great contribution of beer to civilisation, and the importance of the Oxford comma for clarity.

I am surrounded by professional tech people and work in a tech-based start-up but still consider learning how to navigate my smartphone in less than a week a great feat.

I am an explorer.

Not just in traveling (though that plays a huge part) but also in life. I explore different ways of making my life more efficient, less stressful, and more fulfilling.

I like testing my mettle. Or maybe I just learned to like it because this life thing is hard, man. Really hard. But then again, life is the hardest thing you have to go through that you can’t get out alive from. But it should be fun while it lasts.

I am lucky.

I have no delusions; where I am today may be the result of hard work and determination but a lot of luck played a huge part in it, too.

I have had an abundance of fresh starts throughout the years and I am a believer of things falling into place – as long as you work hard for it.

But most of all, I am an unfinished story.

I live and I work everyday with every intention of turning my life into the best story I’ve ever written.

This blog is my feeble attempt at capturing and sharing the wonders about this life I’m living. I hope you learn something from it or, at the very least, I hope it makes you smile today.

Still chasing,

Sign off

PS: I would love to know your thoughts. Please feel free to voice them in the comments section below.