Christmas 2011

We suck at making plans. But, apparently, we do well with impromptu outings.

Instead of our traditional Christmas dinner, the plan was to have a Christmas brunch. We ended up spending a little over 12 hours together. In Pampanga.

First things first.

Christmas brunch: Mom & Tina’s along C5.

What can I say about brunch? Service was not so great but the food and the company makes up for it. Spent about an hour or two there before deciding to go to Pampanga.

The surprise picture that actually turned out okay

The loves of my life (minus one)

Angie and the ever elusive kabuki brush

Jules with his gift from Angie

Ces and her gifts from Jules

Chino and Ces

My gifts from Raymond. No more pasty corpse cheeks for me!

Christmas brunch

Impromptu Road Trip: San Fernando, Pampanga

We decided to go to the Lantern Festival in San Fernando, Pampanga so we all piled up in Angie’s car and drove to San Fernando with a 90’s music playlist. We arrived at Robinsons Starmills at around 2:30 pm.

So, what did we do in Pampanga? We shop and ate.

Robinsons Starmills is the mother of outlet stores. I’m talking about Mango, Plains and Prints, Trod, Folded and Hung, Nike, and Adidas.

We also gorged on Razon’s halo-halo, dinuguan with puto, and palabok.

We watched the Lantern Festival for a while. We only watched 2 of them because it started to rain a little and we found out that there was a branch of Aling Lucing’s in Starmills!

May I just say, Angie and I are really good at convincing other people to spend their money. But, of course, those are good (if not great) buys.

Us girls

Raymond and Angie

Fun times. Next time we have brunch, we’ll go directly to Ilocos =)

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